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If a word begins with es, like estoy or esta , you can drop the first two letters for a more succinct message. Estoy becomes toy and esta bien is often written as ta b. Other common words like que, which can mean both what and which, are frequently shortened to just q when written online , and usually connotes confusion. Gracias can be written as grx or grax , and a combination of bien and bueno is often used in Spanish internet slang as bno, usually to express agreement. The letter x is also common in Spanish text slang, and usually stands in for the word por.

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To have the fullest experience of its vibrant culture, nestled in Europe between Portugal and the Mediterranean Sea, it is even recommended to have an extended stay. Uniquely, the Spanish way of life is. Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world. Even though I struggled with Spanish, I overcame it by practicing every day and getting help to speak it correctly. Back in high school, I did well in all my classes including Spanish. I understand the meaning and grammar of some Spanish words, but I struggled to speak it. My teacher wanted us to present in Spanish.

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Spanish is one of the most popular spoken languages around the world. In the U. From past experience a lot of jobs require knowing a second language and most often the two languages preferred are Spanish and English. One of the reasons this may be is because of the abundant Spanish speakers in the U.
The Francois langur lives in Asia, but to be more specific China and Vietnam. Along with living in Asia, they inhabit semi-tropical and subtropical regions, preferring to be in places with limestone and caves. Also, these monkeys are covered in silky black hair, with the exception of a white stripe across their face.
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