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Addiction is an illness that changes the way the brain processes information. To understand addiction, you first have to learn its language—how addiction develops and why addicts continue to use despite the harm it inevitably causes. Addiction is a mysterious illness because it seems to make such little sense to the onlooker and at times even to the addict. Addicts are prone to repeating their poor choices because they do not process information correctly.

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Home — Essay Samples — Health — Addiction. The PSQI…. Recently, an annual marijuana legalization festival was held in Prague. The effort to enforce marijuana legalization is something that I fully support — and it seems that over time this goal could finally be achieved as society is more and more tolerant to marijuana. Within the three years that I have been attending Wilfrid Laurier University, I have noticed that there is a tremendous amount of pressure when it comes to drinking, and with these pressures may come some negative outcomes. With that being said, there are a lot…. The discussion of the drinking age should not be controversial.

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Caffeine Addiction I grew up drinking caffeine; from Gurana soda to Starbucks, the consumption of caffeine has been a daily part of my life. Most days I roll out of bed and sit down for a steaming cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, honey, and brown sugar. My buddy Mike sits across from me drinking a large mug almost black.
Addictions are dependency on something or someone, because a person feels inadequate without it. There are multiple types of addictions some of the most common addictions of which people are not aware of are to food, technology and to people. Although addictions are pre-conceivably a bad thing, some addictions can be good because of the positive affects they can have on the brain in relieving cognitive dissonance.
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