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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Many people, with the government are trying to label Microsoft as a monopoly. Why is there any delay going around doing that? There is no reason to brand Microsoft as a monopoly. There is part of monopolistic competition and supply-demand acting on this case. The whole trial is about the free internet browser, Internet Explorer, that Microsoft gives out free and includes with its Operating system, Windows.

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The Microsoft Monopoly: The Facts, the Law and the Remedy

While the Federal Department of Justice and most of its competitors argue that Microsoft is a greedy, bullying company, lead by a monopolist whose tactics make former Robber Barons during the Gilded Age look polite, others argue that Microsoft and its CEO co-founder William H. Gates, III, represent the most successful corporation and entrepreneur of the millenium. Due to new technologies and the transformation from the industrial age to the information age enabled Gates and Microsoft Corporation to surpass all other entrepreneurial efforts of the 20th century: Only one man has directed a company to publicly traded worth of about half a trillion dollars—when compares to nations, his company boasts the ninth largest economy in the world. Despite such success, the year was a woeful one for the wundercompany. Yet, many argue that while Microsoft may represent monopolistic power, its tactics pass the main test of antitrust violation — they do not cost the consumer. This analysis will discuss the antitrust suit in an argument that demonstrates why Microsoft is not in violation of antitrust laws and should, therefore, win on appeal.

Microsoft Software Monopoly

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. In the absence of government intervention, a monopoly is free to set any price it chooses and will usually set the price that yields the largest possible profit. Just being a monopoly need not make an enterprise more profitable than other enterprises that face competiton the market may be so small that it barely supports one enterprise. But if the monopoly is in fact more profitable than competitive enterprises, economists expect that other entrepreneurs will enter the business to capture some of the higher returns.
Monopoly can be defined as the ability to control the business transactions in a given industry. Where a company enjoys all the rights in the production of goods meant for a given function then the company has monopoly rights over the production of the commodities. For example; in software market Microsoft has all the monopoly rights in the production of computer operating systems i.
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